Fibre Optics North Queensland (Fibre Optics NQ) operates at the leading edge of fibre optic technology which is one of the growth industries of the world.

Specifically it provides a service of fusion splicing and OTDR testing of fibre optic cables. This is done using sophisticated equipment and expertise every time a fibre optic cable is connected. Fibre Optics NQ is one of the leading Cabling organisations in Cairns and throughout North Queensland. Fibre Optics NQ has the experience and expertise in the training and development of local staff.

Fibre Optics NQ began operations in 2001 from humble beginnings, growing into the thriving business it is today. Initially, the business was operated by Gino Amadio and Gillian Trenerry on a part time basis, in addition to their full time employment. Within a short period of time the growth of the business was phenomenal, it became necessary for Gino and Gillian to throw themselves head first into the business. Full time operations of Fibre Optics NQ began in 2003. Since then, Fibre Optics NQ has forged ahead as simply the best Telecommunication Cabling Company in North Queensland. Today, Fibre Optics NQ employs a number of staff members to support the operations of this strong and successful business. 

Fibre Optics NQ endeavour to provide the highest customer satisfaction throughout the process from the beginning to the end of all jobs.